Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

This Blog post was originally posted on 06-12-30 @ 05:00am

It snowed today, just enough to cover the ground and shrubs to make them look like they were sprinkled in powdered sugar, very pretty. After waking at 4:00am to pick up hubby and kitty at the airport, we came back and pretty much slept until 1:00pm. Very happy and starting to feel like I've got my feet under me with husband and kitty here...

I woke up with very sore sinuses due to the cold. Bright green snot-not a good sign. Back to Target for more anti-booger goodies like Vicks Vapor stuff to put in the humidifier. Also got two chairs and two lamps, this place is starting to look like someone lives in it now. Maybe a university dorm at best but it's getting there.

Rule #2-Get some boots. Tennis shoes will make you walk like you have a stick up your butt in the snow just to avoid falling on your ass. Went to Payless shoe source and got some horrible black things with Thinsulate. At least they're warm and have 'anti-fall-on-your-ass' sole technology built into them.

Will post some pictures of the snow once I unpack my usb cable for the camera.

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  1. Hello Newbie - thanks for the drop-by. I am tryin...
    Hello Newbie - thanks for the drop-by. I am trying to identify whether I know you... and I really can't tell. I know it has been some time since you blogged, and you must get back on that horse. did you fall out of love with MA? Move away? "say more..."~~CB