Sunday, June 28, 2009

Springtime, a time of renewal and rebirth.

This Blog Post was originally posted on 2008-03-27 1:13

Springtime- as good as any of a time to restart this blog I have completely forgotten about for the last 15 months. God, has it really been that long since we left California for Boston??? It doesn't feel like it. Still feels very new to me, but like a great pair of new shoes, we're slowly breaking each other into a comfortable stride, blisters and all :-)

To recap the last year:

I got a job working for an asshole from Boston. What is commonly known in these parts as a "Masshole".

We bought a house in the Metro West, in a small town of 2800 people.

The house flooded 1 day before we closed on it, so we managed to get a great closing deal including a new french drain for the backyard. (will never flood again through the back yard but doesn't stop it from flooding in the front, more on that later).

I was 'laid off' (fired actually, due to irreconcilable differences, Your A Douchebag that Smells Like Bad Cheese I Am Not) the job working for said Masshole in Boston about 2 weeks later.

I spent most of the next 4 months pleased as punch pulling up weeds, and my DH spent his time mowing the lawns and spreading more than 100 bags of mulch around the yard.

Got a whole house fan and a dehumidifier. (Dry winters, wet summers, go figure)

October came the pretty leaves that fell all over our pretty lawns. Shit. Time to buy a leaf blower, changed name to Manual Labor.

Fall here, Winter around the corner: Winterized the house, made it air-tight, insulated, got a pellet stove, paved our driveway.

I got temporary job working for a Hotel Renovation Co. until November. More leaves fell.

On December 18th it started to snow, covered all of those damn leaves, nice :-)

December we went back to California for Christmas, had a nice time. Held my friends newborn baby, had too much food to eat, had too little time to see the people I wanted to see, got back on an airplane and made it back to NE for New Years with our sanity intact.

Ta-Da! What a year.

Officially spring started two weekends ago

Unofficially, it starts here when the last frost is due to arrive, arround the 20th of April.

Springtime in New England really is about rebirth, the beginnings of green life pushing through the cold dark ground that has been covered in dead leaves or snow for several months. I did enjoy winter here, don't get me wrong. Everything looks very clean, neat and pretty when it's covered in a blanket of whiteness. But 3 months later, I'm ready for a change of scenery.

In California it was about being the Harbinger of Heat, aka Summertime about to decend for several months. Springtime didn't last very long, somewhere between 3-6 weeks starting sometime in the beginging of March,, before the average 80 degree days and no rain started for the next 6 months.

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